Krystal Glass

Moderator | Conversation Host | Founder

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Poised, relatable, and engaging best describe Krystal Glass’ ability to captivate an audience of any kind.  

Krystal Glass is known for her ability to lead a compelling conversation that is highly engaging and promotes audience participation. As the founder of Real-Life Conversations, Krystal Glass has hosted various intricate conversations on topics including: race relations, politics, sexuality, love & relationships, social justice, women’s empowerment, and much more. 

In addition to hosting substantive conversations on an array of topics, Krystal Glass has a strong presence in the women’s empowerment community through curating events focused on fostering female friendships. After attending numerous women's events and hosting her own, Krystal Glass quickly saw a void, a missing link, she discovered there's no shortage of women's empowerment conferences and events, but there's no outlet promoting female friendship. To fill that void, Krystal Glass uses her platform to create events that foster female friendships.

Additionally, Krystal Glass serves as a Brand Ambassador for natural hair brands; and is featured in ESSENCE, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, FOX45 News, and more. The most compelling aspect about Krystal Glass is her ability to unfold a conversation with a balance of sophistication and raw realness.  

When it comes to engaging a live audience, facilitating conversations around complex issues, and empowering women, Krystal Glass delivers! 

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