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Women Who Speak is a Public Speaking workshop designed to empower women to amplify their unique message through Public Speaking.

Public Speaking isn't just for Public Speakers it's for any woman who wants to sharpen her speaking skills as a tool for personal success or career success.

Join us for this 3-part workshop featuring a Q&A segment with special guest Shelly Bell, a workshop taught by Krystal Glass, and a mock public speaking session where attendees will participate in a mock speech.

Workshop includes: Refreshments + A Certificate of Completion + Personalized Feedback

Only 10 Seats Available

Questions? Contact: KrystalGlass@RealLifeConvo.com


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Krystal Glass is an engaging Public Speaker with speaking engagements ranging from prominent women conferences to hosting her own conversation series. As a Public Speaker and professional Moderator Krystal Glass has created a workshop series to teach attendees how to effectively communicate their message through Public Speaking.


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  • "It was a true pleasure having Krystal Glass emcee my panel discussion during the annual CBCF ALC. She was vibrant, charismatic, and most importantly she was well-versed on the issues at hand. I'm glad we chose Krystal Glass as our emcee, she did an excellent job." -Congresswoman Yvette Clarke

  • "Krystal Glass has wow'd me as a Speaker! She is so engaging and knows how to activate a live audience. I booked Krystal Glass to moderate my event, I couldn't imagine a better Moderator. Her ability to connect on a personal level with a diverse audience is truly rare." -Sonya Kehler, Founder of Women's Worldwide Retreats.

  • "Krystal Glass has a mastery of Public Speaking and is on the leading edge of teaching others how to be better communicators. When I had a high visibility speaking engagement I knew exactly who to call, I called Krystal Glass and learned creative speaking tactics and how to maintain control of a panel discussion." -Chris Riotta, Reporter for Newsweek.