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Being Mary Jane Screening plus “It’s Complicated” A Panel Discussion about Being a Woman Today

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the show, or have never seen “Being Mary Jane,” one thing is certain… being a woman today can be complicated. On April 16th Conversation Host Krystal Glass is bringing together women for a night of celebrating the women we are and the women we are becoming...

The evening will start with a Real-Life Conversation about all things womanhood. The discussion will feature a panel of women from various perspectives, including the wife perspective, the business woman perspective, the entertainment industry perspective, the broken & healed perspective, and much more. Following the panel discussion attendees will enjoy food, drinks, and the screening of Being Mary Jane. You don’t want to miss the vibes this experience will offer.

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About: Krystal Glass is a professional Moderator, and Conversation Host of Real-Life Conversations, a Washington, DC based conversation-series known for thought provoking conversations on topics including: race relations, politics, sexuality, love & relationships, social justice, women’s empowerment, and much more. To RSVP for an upcoming Real-Life Conversation, complete the form below.

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