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A Real-Life Conversation about Mute R. Kelly

Tune in to hear a balanced conversation between men and women as they share their thoughts on sexual assault, mental health, misogyny, and whether or not to mute R. Kelly, and much more…

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A Real-Life Conversation with a Transwoman about Gender Identity

This topic broke the internet, the topic of the definition of a "real woman." Many in the trans community feel as though a "real woman" isn't defined by what you are at birth, while others argue a "real woman" is a woman naturally born as a female. Tune-in to this Real-Life Conversation as Krystal Glass discusses this controversial issue with a Shar Jossell, a transwoman. The highlight of the conversation was when a caller asked Shar if she believed in God and if she thought God made a mistake with her gender....... you'll have to tune-in to hear her response… It get's real!

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A Real-Life Conversation about being raised fatherless

Fatherless Daughters are women that grew up without a father and has directly or indirectly experienced unresolved daddy-issues. he reality is not all women who grew up without a father has side effects. But for many there are emotional side effects and mental roadblocks caused by not experiencing a father's love. Tune-in to hear the diverse experiences of women (some who grew up with a father and some who grew up without a father) share their perspective on how having or not having a father has impacted their relationships and outlook on men.

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